Photo of Adela Tran

Adela Tran

Graphic Design
2022 Fall
Graduation with Honors
ArtCenter Extension
  • Branding
  • Visual Interaction Design

I specialize in creating consumer centric futuristic concepts and visual interfaces

Ever since I started having my own phone in middle school, there were so many interactive features that attracted and connected to me. It was like magic. It was only until my high school design class, I started understanding and acknowledging the designers who put all their thinking and ideas into each step of the design. This process fascinated me and led me to become the UX/UI designer that I am now. Throughout my process of designing, I always go through "trial and error" until I find the best solution. I love how my work resonates with users every time I conduct user tests. This motivates me to keep on designing and connecting to my users. Let's connect!