Photo of Amanda Villegas

Amanda Villegas

Photography & Imaging
2022 Fall
Minor in Designmatters
Minor in Creative Writing
Graduation with Honors
ArtCenter Extension

I specialize in evocative and empathetic visual storytelling.

Hello! My name is Amanda Villegas. With a flair for the dramatic, I was raised in the theater and gravitated towards mediums that were rooted in emotion. After losing my husband, I returned to photography —finding imagery to be the art form that best allowed me to express my grief and connect with people authentically.

Today, as a visual storyteller, I ground myself in the moment, finding an empathetic approach to documenting reality. Through my imagery, I am able to illuminate societal issues, bringing visibility and awareness through emotional narratives. I approach sensitive material in a way that is intuitive and collaborative in nature. I breaking the rules, manipulating light, reflection, and textiles, creating a transparent veil between the viewer and the subject. My work as a Photographer needs to be evocative: real, raw, no bs, no sugarcoating.