Photo of Hajin (Stephanie) Lee

Hajin (Stephanie) Lee

Graphic Design
2022 Fall
Graduation with Honors
  • Transmedia
  • Print & Editorial
  • Branding

Welcome to my sphere!

As an introvert, I have always spent a lot of time alone drawing and observing the world around me. When I am around other people, I tend to focus on listening and absorbing. I see myself as a learner and listener and enjoy absorbing other people’s stories. Because of this, I am confident in diagnosing problems and finding solutions – both of which I aim to do in my work. In my free time, I enjoy doing various outdoor activities such as camping and hiking which both heal and inspire me, pushing my boundaries so I learn new things.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Hajin Lee, an adventurous and observant designer who is endlessly curious to find effective and authentic ways to communicate my thoughts and ideas through visuals in an effort to enact change.