Photo of Jamil Watson

Jamil Watson

Graphic Design
2022 Fall
Graduation with Honors
  • Motion
  • Branding

Hey there, I'm Jamil and I'm a motion designer who loves music, patterns, and imperfections.

Rhythm and tempo are the backbones of music. If a song doesn't have rhythm or tempo, it becomes a collection of random noises and the listener can be left disoriented. Motion design, film, and animation abide by similar rules. If a motion piece doesn't have any rhythm or tempo then sequences can feel mistimed and seem confusing. Having a solid grasp of these concepts is crucial to creative success within each of these mediums. Music helps me visualize movement in design as if the elements are dancing around the frame. I follow the same rules of rhythm and tempo to create the ebb and flow in my animations. My name is Jamil Watson, I’m a motion designer and a musician. Let’s make something special.