Photo of Jasmine Lee

Jasmine Lee

Photography & Imaging
2022 Fall
Graduation with Distinction
ArtCenter Extension

I want you to see what I see.

Hi, my name is Jasmine Lee. I was introduced to art at a young age, drawing, painting, and eventually focusing on photography. What I have learned along my journey as a Photographer is how I love the wide variety of imagery and creative direction I can pursue. Whether it is portraiture, fashion, concerts, music videos, or products, I immerse myself in the ideation process, allowing me to discover the unexpected.  I create inspiring concepts and craft unique details, maximizing visual impact. Exploring creativity allows me to push the boundaries of imagination and create imagery that makes people stop in their tracks. I'd like to say that I have come a long way and I am excited to be able to share the art I have produced. Thank you!