Photo of Jeremy Yijie Chen

Jeremy Yijie Chen

graduate, Media Design Practices
2022 Spring

<head>Experience Designer & Technology Dabbler🤓️</head>

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<body>Jeremy Yijie Chen is passionate about exploring possibilities and challenges in science and technology from a design perspective. Standing across the reality-virtuality continuum, his work focuses on the human emotional perception shift in digitalization.

He specializes in observing, abstracting, embodying and validating experiential impacts of the emerging medium/technology through artifacts, interfaces and narrations, using methods of agile design, speculative making and experimentation. He has a wealth of experience in user research, digital product and interaction design as well as his practices frequently play with fast 2D/3D prototyping, interactive physical/virtual experience and visual communication.

Last but not least, he loves to chatter without stopping about how to taste tea with five senses, pretending to "show off" his unique bachelor degree in tea science. 🍵 </body>