Photo of Kim Kobashigawa

Kim Kobashigawa

Entertainment Design
2022 Fall
Graduation with Distinction
  • Concept Art

Visual Development | Environment Design

Hi! I'm Kim Kobashigawa.

I specialize in environment design and visual development. I love diving deep into world building and creating worlds and cultures that are unique to each of their stories. When I design, I ask myself 'what if?' and 'why not?' and in doing so, I research and explore many possible answers until I arrive at the design that best suits the story and world. It is this type of problem solving and brainstorming that I thrive on.

When I'm not at the computer drawing, I like to explore outside and observe the different types of architecture on the streets. I find it interesting how the design of buildings provide insight into how the area developed. To me, the history of a neighborhood creates a tangible vibrancy and inspires the environments that I design.

Please enjoy my work below. More can be found on my website at

Thank you!